The Confident Wine Drinker

An unpretentious guide to making your life better by the glass


Why do dirt and weather matter to what ends up in your bottle? What makes some wine so pricey? Should you bother food pairing?  What's important on a label? Can you recreate that drink you had while on vacation?

If the thought of staring down the grocery store wine aisle or deciphering a restaurant's list is terrifying, you are not alone. 


You're in the right place. 

There is no reason for learning about wine to be intimidating. Sure, it's complex, but no worries: all you need to know is how to explain what you like. 

I'm here to unlock the knowledge you already have within.

And here's a secret: researching via tasting is key. 

This is going to be fun, and surprisingly easy.


What to do in that nerve-wracking moment when you're asked to order? Is the sommelier judging you? No! Wine pros are not here for humiliation; it's literally our job to help.

Enlist me as your local wine ambassador, a trusted friend who knows the lingo and has already experienced pitfalls for you. You'll impress fellow diners, build confidence, and never be anxious buying booze again.